You never know when the breeze will be coming off the lake so make sure you bring a sweater all year round! 


  • Sweaters, blue jeans and a light jacket will work perfectly if you're planning on strolling along the lake walk. 
  • Don't forget your roller blades, bike, or running shoes. 
  • Fishing in nearby lakes is also great this time of year, if you're up for it bring your rod and reel or plan a trip with a local charter fishing company. 


  • A good mix of shorts, pants; and long and short sleeve shirts will suit you well. The days can be hot, nights by Lake Superior are always refreshing. 

  • Temps can rise into the triple digits, so it doesn't hurt to bring a bathing suit in case you want to cool off on the beaches at Park Point. 

  • Roller blades, bikes, and walking or running shoes are a must if you want to take in all the area has to offer.



  • Bring your hats and gloves along with all sorts of warm attire, especially if you want to watch the last of the season's ships glide through the harbor.

  • Ski's, snowshoes and snowmobiles are a must.  Beautiful trails and great downhill slopes are the hot spot this time of year.

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